Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation

December 20, 2016

Just when you thought Laid Back Attack couldn’t possibly get any cooler. or more irresistible…
We loved the Hotel RL Olympia by Red Lion SO much as a site for Laid Back Attack, we were willing to risk the possibility that the 50-mile ride from the airport would deter pholks from coming to town. Fortunately, y’all loved the site as much as we do, and we’ve broken our attendance records in each of the last two years. But we know for some, that added distance, and perhaps the expense of a rental car, can be cause for pause. This year, we’ve come up big with a solution for our guests flying in to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for Laid Back Attack. We’ve not only got your ride, we’ve got you riding in style. For our guests arriving by air for Laid Back Attack, this year’s party begins as soon as you grab your bags. Join your phellow arriving parrot heads in a Capital West Limousine chauffeured luxury limousine stocked with some excellent choices in gourmet spirits from our sponsor Heritage Distilling Company, Inc. Capital West’s chauffeurs will deliver you to the door of the hotel and come back for you at the end of the event to bring you back to the airport.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this premium service at NO COST TO YOU! Since the hotel provides a complimentary shuttle to downtown Olympia and Capital West will be providing limo service to return to the hotel after the Wednesday night pub crawl, the round-trip airport ride should be all the ground transportation you need to enjoy a fully laid back weekend in the beautiful Pacific Northwest July 20-23, listening to the best trop rock music lineup ever assembled West of the Mississippi with Southern Drawl Band, Peter Mayer and Brendan Mayer, Ramajay Intercoastal, Don Middlebrook – singer/songwriterk, TRMA Male Vocalist of the Year Donny Brewer Music, Eric Stone Music, TRMA Female Vocalist of the Year Brittany Kingery and Rob Hill Music – Game Six, Drop Dead Dangerous, hit songwriter Aaron Scherz (“Girl in a Country Song” “Boy Gets a Truck’), Emily Randle, Jim Hoehn and MORE!

Here’s the procedure: When you register after January 15, you’ll be asked if you are arriving by air, and if so, whether you would like to take advantage of the luxury limousine transportation service. We’ll then go to work on making sure your ride is coordinated and that you know exactly what you need to do to meet your chauffeur at the baggage claim at SeaTac Airport.

The limo rides will be subject to limitations in space and scheduling, and your best bet to ensure that your spot is reserved is to register early at beginning January 15.

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